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OBBM Business Roundtable Podcast on the OBBM Network featuring Host Susan Hamilton and local DFW guests.

OBBM Business Roundtable Podcast 

Meet local DFW business owners chiming in on topics being discussed during podcast recording days at OBBM Network at Gracepoint Media in Farmer's Branch, Texas. 

Join the studio audience and YOU might get a turn on the mic! Networking experience, bring your business cards and invite a guest. 


#localDFW #localbusiness #MAKEmediaWork4U 

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Work With OBBM

Discover all the ways your company can enjoy exposure to local DFW markets and add your voice to the local conversation. Call 214-714-0495 for guest and sponsor information, and go to to learn all the ways the OBBM Network supports YOUR local DFW business!

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