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Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast on the OBBM Network Podcast featuring Deanna Blair and local DFW guests.

Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast

Could your air, cleaning products, or ANY product you’re using everyday be damaging your nervous system, cell structure, or EVEN your mental health?

Deanna Blair hosts the Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast, so you can understand the toxic load your system is under, and make educated decisions about exposure that’s probably messing with your head.

Join our studio audience!

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owner Janette Dent!

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I'm Deanna Blair, Health Marketing expert and Mental Health Family educator. I’m the host of Mental Health & Toxicity podcast on the OBBM Network. I connect brighter minds, better bodies, & souls for a healthier lifestyle to live the abundant life we are called for. Mental illness can be overcome, in part by adopting healthier lives and eliminating hazardous toxins around us. Let’s create a happier, healthier life with less stress!

For guest and sponsor information, call 469-964-1669.

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