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Social Impact Podcast on the OBBM Network features education researcher and Host Lynn Davenport and guests from across Texas in the education field.

Social Impact Podcast 

Host and Education Researcher Lynn Davenport educates us about how social impact bonds are being constructed, why they should be questioned, and how we can respond to protect our next generation. Discover the meanings behind language being used today in education and legislative context, and learn how the cogs in the wheel come together to paint a very different picture. 

Meet local DFW and Texas education researchers, legislative experts, and child advocates exposing statewide connections to data malfeasance. Host Lynn Davenport reveals K-12 contracts and social impact bond markets and the motives behind them.

Join the studio audience, ask YOUR critical questions and meet the people behind the research you need to know. 

#socialimpactbonds #edtech #k12 #blockchain #TEA 

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Lynn Davenport is a researcher and subject matter expert on Ed-Tech, a sought-after expert opinion regularly addressing city councils, school boards, and fighting for responsible education legislation.  Call Lynn at 214-673-4018.

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