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Tax Clean Up Podcast on the OBBM Network Podcasts features Mike Allbright, DFW tax negotiator.

Tax Clean Up Podcast 
Coming Soon!

Mike Allbright Hosts Tax Clean Up Podcast -

Discover how tax law works in your favor, and how people are overcoming tax debt through knowledge of legal operations provided for by existing tax code. Guests on the Tax Clean Up Podcast discuss how they got into their various situations and how they were able to correct the ship. 

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Work with Mike Allbright  

It doesn’t always take an Enrolled Agent or a CPA to file a tax return, but a change in your status or tax laws can trigger tax implications you (or an unlicensed preparer) may not be aware of. Our tax team has also handled thousands of delinquent or incorrect returns, non-filer status issues, payroll tax issues and more. Get all the deductions you’re due – call Tax Clean Up to file your taxes, it’s worth it! 214-617-2020.

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