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Terms of Use

OBBM Network is produced by OffBeat Business Media, LLC, and agents under employ, partnership, or contract basis. All episodes, shows, and graphics associated with those episodes and shows are protected under copyright law, and are not to be reproduced without consent through OffBeat Business Media, LLC. All trademarks and pending trademarks are the property of OffBeat Businss Media, LLC, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 


By using our website or 3rd party platforms, you agree to indemnify OffBeat Business Media, LLC and it's platforms, partners, affiliates, hosts, and advertisers from any and all legal action that originates from opinion, point of view, and free thinking or speaking as outlined in the First Amendment. 

We hope you like us! Our goal is to offer engaging and well-rounded support for your local business and the family you likely employ. You may decide you do not like us, and however unfortunate for us, that is your prerogative. We invite you to return occassionally to reassess and we will welcome you with open arms. 

OffBeat Business Media, LLC and the OBBM Network is a Constitutionally Compliant Business (CCB) and as such, by law, we do not follow any of the governor's, mayor's, health department's, or other governmental agency orders pertaining to social distancing, mask wearing, or vaccination status. We are not infringing on anyone's inalienable rights. 

Your Health is Your Responsibility. 

Our Opinions Are Our Own. Your Mind is Free to Think for Yourself.

Anything set forth as fact on the OBBM Network has a trail of documented support that will be made available to you upon request in the unlikely event it has not been attached to the episode(s) such information was shared. 

OBBM Network is a Diversified Network, offering participants, viewers, and listening audience to enjoy us on a multitude of platforms for the express purpose that the voice of the people will not suffer from deplatforming or other Big Tech censorship regarding any topic, any host or guest, or any point of view. 

OBBM Network is a private network, and as such, determines the content provided based on the support of local small, family, and mid-sized businesses with a family values and holistic approach for success in life and business.


                                      Profitable Local Business, Free America. 

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